So there might be a small possibility that not only Phil, but myself as well,  completely spaced our anniversary.  Yesterday.

I had noticed a lot of people posting about their anniversaries and while I'm sitting there thinking, awh that's so nice, the day that commemorates our 6 years together just passes right on by.


Dear Phil, 

I am so grateful and happy for the life I have with you. 
So much so, I'm a little preoccupied with it :) 

I love you forever,

P.S. Don't you find this picture fitting?


  1. Ha ha, it happens. Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! :)

  3. Haha, at least you both forgot! Happy Anniversary! Hard to believe it was 6 years ago that you, me, and Sarah were planning weddings at SASCM :).

  4. That is a great story. Your letter to him is very cute. Happy Anniversary.

  5. A road trip I will remember for ever! I am nerdy and knew it was your 6 year anniversary... :) Have I ever told you how I remember - it goes: Derek, Ryan, Matt and right after the other...I obviously always know ours - it'll be 9 years this year - and count backwards. Haha! Hope all is well!