So one might find it funny, ironic, totally lame...I dunno, you choose, that my previous post was about how much I love the rain and now I'm sitting here wondering whether I should blog about Ryder's birthday or our recent hurricane...

I decided to go with the birthday :) I'll post about the hurricane later, but to anyone who is interested. We're fine. We were some of the worse ones off in the area as far as loss of utilities, with no power for 18 hours (back on now) and no water (still waiting on that one). But we're definitely better off than a lot of other people who were in Irene's path.

Now, back to Ryder's birthday. I love this boy and wanted to give him a day he loved, so on his birthday, I just tried to fill it with his most favorite things.

1. Waffles for breakfast. We actually eat waffles for dinner most of the time in our house, so he was a bit confused as to why we were having dinner for breakfast, but quickly adpated and rolled with the punches.

2. Friends. We were going to have a little birthday play date at the park, but thanks to some rain (and some flexible friends), we had a birthday lunch with some our favorite people.

3. Cousins. Some of Ryder's little cousins called him to sing him happy birthday. I loved watching his face while he listened. We also got a few other special phone calls and Facetimes that day, which ryder loved.

4. McDonald's. After Daddy got home, we wanted to celebrate in style, so we went to any 4-year-old's favorite restaurant, Mickey-D's.

5. Ice Cream. Then after dinner we crossed the street to have some delicious ice cream at our favorite IC joint, Zita's. Yum, yum!

6. Candles and Presents. Of course. We sang to Ryder and he was finally able to open his present that he had been requesting for weeks.... a dragon. Who he lovingly named Sheena. We thought it would be fun to get him a dress-up knight costume to go with his dragon. Turns out, it was.

Ryder Roo, my love,
I can't imagine life without you! You are sweet and good and talking to you is one of my most favorite things to do. I keep catching little glimpes of the little boy you are going to turn out to be and although part of my heart breaks to see you getting so big, it's a joy watching you grow up. I love you!


  1. Happy birthday ryder. He is such a doll.

  2. I'm glad you guys at least have power back. How scary! Say "happy birthday" to Ryder for me :)

  3. Happy BDay Ryder - it sure was fun celebrating with you!