Hey all, I am really excited because I've almost got all my Christmas shopping done. Wahoo! Hopefully, I'll be left over with enough time to figure out anything I forgot or to put on any finishing touches that fit in the budget. I know gifts have a huge materialistic side, but I love them. I love that I get to give them and is it bad to admit I love getting them? But it's this nice big cycle of giving and it's fun. There is nothing better than getting someone something they really wanted. On that note I'm wondering if I've gotten Ryder enough Christmas gifts? First, of all he doesn't really know what's going on, but I wonder should we spend as much on him as Phil and I spend on each other? Is it bad if we don't? Should you take into the adult gift$:childgift$ ratio? I just don't know... Anyhow, on to "Christmas Favorites: Books Edition". All through growing up my mom collected these great Christmas books. Typically children's books with beautifully illustrated pages. When we got out the Christmas decor, a major high-light was bringing up the "Christmas media" box where all these books, movies and music lived for the rest of the year. My mom now has an amazing collection that I hope to match as my children grow up. So many Decembers I'd either read them before bed or by the sole lights of the Christmas Village (yet another one of my mom's amazing collections). I highly reccommend all these books for your personal collection. And this isn't all my favorites, since I only have room and time for a few, here are my tops. Let me know if you want any more good suggestions. Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect by Richard H. Schneider: Sooooo good. I love, love this one. It's an "olden times" tale, if you will, about the importance of inner beauty. It makes me tear up thinking about it. The Other Wise Man, Henry Van Dykes version: This is the book that somehow became "the book" ya know the book you read on Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve my family has an FHE/program of sorts where we all do something and then we bear our testimony of Christ (love it). Well either my brother or my sister would always be in charge of reading "The Other Wise Man". Such a great story about being like the Savior...although I do remember one year my siblings and I getting profuse giggles about the phrase "nodding poppies"...I dunno. Sorry, mom. My sister got this book for me last Christmas. Isn't she great? The first of my personal collection! The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry: I can't find illustrations from the one my mom has, but this one is close enough. I know there are a lot of versions to this classic tale, but the one I grew up reading had a red cover with a matching case with Jim, Della, the chain, the combs and that dreaded cutting hair scene. The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen: This classic was one of the first books my mom ever bought, which is why I think it's one of my favorites. The Forgotten Carols by Michael McLean: I'm not the biggest fan of Michael McLean, but I really loved this story and the music that went along with it. What are your favorite Christmas books?


  1. good books jazzercise! ok, you're my pal..but all my friends who've been waiting for that status for months are going to be jealous. Sorry if you get hate mail.. the security code I have to type is moons. How appropriate for owl notes. Did they do that on purpose?

  2. now it's chess...

    ps. ryder doesn't need as much as you and phil...that time will come.

    and please say you knew about open mic (not mike...caues that could mean a lot of things) night. Always miss you when you're gone!

  3. Jazzy! Hey, it's Joon. I found you from Kristi's blog:).
    I LOVE the little match girl, have wonderful memories of that book. Lots of good books there:)

  4. Me again...thanks for your comments on my blog. Are you guys snowed in? Heard you're going to nutcracker. Hope the weather allows it and you guys have fun!