Bag Tag!

I thought this tag was a rather brilliant idea because I love bags. Thanks Randi for tagging me! I actually have a serious bag fetish and usually can come up with a great rational if it means getting a new bag. Here is this one's story: After having Ryder, I thought I'll just put my wallet, keys and cell phone in the diaper bag and give up on a purse for awhile. Finally, my inner-yearnings for this accessory I value as much as my Internet surfaced (plus, carrying around the essentials got annoying when I went some where without a baby) and I ended up with this fine little (I'm usually a rather big bag gal) bag here. I figure it's small enough to carry around my necessities and I can carry it with my diaper bag and not feel like I have everything with me but the kitchen sink. I just got this baby and Target and have found I really like a good gray bag.

Its contents:
- Some change
- My cell phone
- My keys
- A pen
- Some gum
- A baby blinky (of course)
- Debit card, gift cards, insurance cards and other various forms of ID (don't worry ladies, they weren't swimming around in there free style, they had a nice pocket they fit into)
- B&BW lipgloss, lancome lipgloss (my favorites), lipstick-mauvette, and cherry ice chapstick (my preferred choice of lip-wear so I can kiss Ryder whenever I wish)
- Color swatches, because you never know when you'll want to repaint your bedroom
-And of course, a little pile of random trash

Now I tag, Autumn!! (after you have your baby), Jeanelle & Bonnie


  1. Very cute bag! I have to admit I'm out of the loop when it comes to bags-I'm more of a shoe girl. Maybe I should start a shoe tag. I love that you have lots of lip stuff-you can never go wrong with lucious lips! Paint swatches-a must!

  2. I think it's great you carry around a cute purse. All I have is my diaper bag..which is especially sad when I go out without Landon because I still take the diaper bag...pretty bad, I know.
    Can't wait to see the new haircut. I love mine short!

  3. hey jazzy how are things going. how is your mom doing.