Happy New Year from the Seaside!

We spent the last day of the year roaming the beaches by Magnolia, WA. This particular beach had a historic lighthouse that was quite beautiful.

 We ate a lunch and played by the beach, while we waited for others to hike up. (We drove :)

 In the grass :)

Throwing sticks...

 Hands in pockets (it was cold!)...

 ....at sunset. Holding hands.

Definitely, not a bad way to end a very blessed year.


  1. looks like fun...how did we not get a picture together sometime during our NYC day? darn...

  2. Great way to send out the year. :-)

  3. looks like you had fun!

  4. Love these pictures and I LOVED seeing you on Sunday. And I especially enjoyed Ryder loving me so much...that was the best! :)