Happy 100 Posts!

So it's true, I have now officially posted on this blog 100 times! How exciting. It's not as cool as like 300 or 500 posts or anything, but we're getting there. Anyhow, to mark this great event I decided to share a blog about nothing other than blogging itself. I think all bloggers have thought about the phenom of blogging and so I decided to commemorate this time by sharing with you mine. I actually started this post awhile ago but never finished it, so that's why it's starting from a random place.

I feel as though I always have fun things to blog about, until I sit down at the computer, then they all disappear and I end up saying something lame about Bush' press conference. I could blog about my weekend...but that would involve me telling you about a driving mishap, which was lame. No fun there. I could blog about running...again. Let's wait awhile on that one. Hmmm...I know! I'll blog about blogging. In fact, if I were to write an essay on blogging, this would be my outline:

Blogging is Cool
An Essay on Blogging

My triple-barreled thesis...uh I mean lead, no thesis, just my Thesis:
Blogging is cool because it allows me to take a peep into the lives of my favorite people and while doing so I discover more witty and clever people. It is also cool because of the commenting factor. Commenting fosters conversation, encouragement and joy. However, blogging is not all rosy. It provokes debatable issues including, but not limited to, proper blogging etiquette, unproductive use of time and of course, limiting access, or otherwise known as "going private" or "lockin' it up".

Main points I would include in the Body of my essay, or rather my more extensive thoughts on the topics previously mentioned:
  • Like I said, I love blogging because being someone struggles to stay in contact with people, this allows me to do just that. I now know a best friend of mine from high school had plumbing issues this week. I normally wouldn't have known that, and I love that I do because during those rare moments you actually do catch up, the finer, usually far more relatable and interesting situations (like plumbing problems) in her life don't get mentioned.
  • I also love running across some acquaintance from my youth (like the funny friend-of-a-friend or the quiet girl in your history class) and find that they have become happy, successful, amazing people with beautiful families and wise comments. I love that.
  • I love a good blog. Don't get me wrong, I love the pictures and the updates and if I love you, I love your blog, but there are some blogs that have a knack for being particularly insightful, well-written or clever. I love a witty blog.
  • As for commenting, I appreciate that ability to receive feedback from the thoughts I choose to wear on my sleeve. You know they aren't being sent out to nowhere and that people do read and care enough about your ideas, life, what-have-you, to give advice or encouragement. It's the whole 'love your brother'/'I feel ya, bro' vibe.
  • However, there is nothing worse to sit down to a favorite blog you check daily and read "Going Private". When this happens, three thoughts run through my head: 1. No biggy, they know me and will send me an invite 2. Owell 3. Oh shnikeys! I love this blog and now I have to sheepishly admit I'm stalking their blog if I want an invite. I hate that last one. But really, it's my pride, I think it usually makes people happy if you were to ask (See Universal Blog Truths UBT 1). Let me know if you disagree.
  • I do think making your blog private is a personal decision and if you feel too sheepish to ask for an invite, well then, maybe you are a stalker...Ha! Just joking! Just joking.
  • As for commenting. I love comments. (See UBT 2) Who doesn't? Well, I guess if they're rude then you don't love them, but they shouldn't be rude (See UBT 3).
  • I used to think I was spending to much unproductive amounts of time blogging, but then I started using Google Reader. I recommend it to all bloggers. I now feel my blogging time is productive and efficient.
Conclusion. My conclusive thoughts on blogging.
In conclusion, I feel that blogging is a tool, that if utilized correctly can have positive effects on your personal well-being as well as others. It is my personal thoughts and feelings on the subject that I have come to the following universal truths about blogging. Let me know what you think (as to perhaps them truly universal :)

Universal Blog Truths:
1. Unless you are a weirdo or an actual stalker, I do believe most people are flattered if you read their blog or request an invite. I am, anyhow.
2. If someone frequently and respectfully comments on your blog, I believe the courteous thing to do is comment on theirs. Which brings me too...
3. In the true spirit of blogging, comments should be tactful, encouraging and uplifting. Opinions are cool, but no need to be rude.

HAPPY 100!!!


  1. I total agree I love it when people leave comments on my blog, but I also don't like it when there rude. If I fell like they were rude which has only happened once by my stupid brother-in-law I actually deleted his comment. And I hope you dont mind I have been blog stalking you and some other people from our high school.

  2. This was a perfect 100th post on your blog!! I hope to someday be able to reach 100 posts. I'm not a very good blogger I don't think but you do inspire me to share my thoughts more. Thanks of having a cool blog!!!

  3. Before I had a blog, I thought, "Why would someone want to post about their life on the internet for all to see???" Well, I love blogging and being able to see what is going on with other people! It is especially good for us to keep in contact!!!

  4. Good post! I love your comment about how when you actually sit down to blog you blog about silly things, like the press conference. So true. I compose beautiful blogs about life and love while waiting in the doctor's office, but when I get home, I blog about snot.