Was what I felt today. I've felt and thought a lot of things about President Obama lately, but I'm happy that today, I mostly felt hope. There is no doubt in my mind that today was one of the most monumental days in our nation's history. I also have a hard time remembering when I've ever felt our country so united and willing to fix the problems laid at our country's door. Mr. President, you and I differ on a lot of issues but I'm grateful for the unity and confidence you have offered our nation during a time we've needed it most. I'll give you my support until given a reason not to. You'll be in my prayers. Other random inaugural thoughts:
  • Michelle's dress. HELLO! Georgeous. Beautiful woman. Not many ladies could pull off what I heard was "lemon grass yellow"
  • I got really angry at all the "Arrest Bush" signs. I feel it's rather hypocritical to be there supporting the incoming president, his position, this country and yet at the same time showing such disrespect for outgoing president of the same country. You may not agree with his point of view, but he deserves the graciousness that serving our country for two terms deserves.
  • I really think President Obama should stop smoking
  • I love seeing the Obama's daughters. You have to admit the first family is pretty good lookin'.
  • I am so over the "Anybody Who's Anybody Loves Obama Celebrity Clique". I seriously sometimes feel like today's celebrities are a larger reflection of a nasty middle school flashback where the popular kids have the ability to make anything cool ranging from being immoral to going green to endorsing a president just because of their social status and money.
  • I love the new hope and unity going on, but I do get slightly concerned about those ready to erect statues of a president who hasn't even been in office for 24 hours.
I told you I had a lot of mixed feelings.


  1. I agree 100%. I believe in giving him a chance to see what he can do for us, but honeslty did they have to be so mean to President Bush yesterday?! I didn't know Obama smoked, I agree quit!!!

  2. I'm with ya on a lot of these points. Like I blogged last night, I'm excited that a family that so clearly loves each other is living in the White House. Not that others didn't, I just love that it's so apparent with this particular family. I'm excited for the energy that his presidency is bringing to the nation -- let's see what happens!

  3. I'm with you 100 percent sister. Way to say it. He smokes? Yuch!

  4. Can I just say I LOVE reading your blog! You make some great points here and I'm glad to say I agree! Especially with the whole smoking bit... Let's keep our fingers crossed for the future!

  5. what he smokes? Really? Why do people smoke anymore??? It's Nasty!

  6. Well said sister! Kind of depressed that I miss all of the festivities (on TV), but your recap was nice! I think that everything is great until it is not. Until then, which is hopefully never, rock on USA! and yes...nasty smoker nastiness. So 1980's...