Here are the photos I wanted to include with my last post...

Our journey to the Big Apple started in the car and the babies were so happy and excited to be participating in anything if it meant being up at 6 a.m.

Here we are on the plane....waiting and waiting for it to just go up in the air.

It finally did and we made it to our place! We actually are quite pleased with it, but just to offer you some perspective, Penny's room may or may not be in the kitchen. And the W/D (which I hear we're really luck to have) may or may not ALSO be in the kitchen :)


  1. I know you hate the time difference but I love that I can wake up early and find a fun blog post waiting for me. And really, it's all about me right??? :) Miss Penelope's bedroom is lovely too. ha!

  2. Small place! But that's NY. And, hey, it's probably pretty convenient to have the w/d right in the kitchen with you ... I'd love it.

  3. I can't beleive how happy your kids are. So cute!

    That is a compact home, but it works!

  4. Um, are super lucky to have a w/d!!! Thanks for your recent comments...and actually, you should be proud of making it through that travel experience with two kids.

    As for knowing Lisa, we used to work together and I adore her. And as for me and NY, I will be there for a few days mid-June and then arriving for good July 2nd. I will for sure be inviting you guys over as soon as I get settled.

  5. I love their smiley faces on the way to their new home. But I can't imagine the exhaustion at the end of the day!