Well, it was memorable, that's for sure. Not really full of any activities that are typical of Memorial Day Weekend, I spent most of the time recovering with Penny as my little napping sidekick while Phil and Ryder did some exploring.

Saturday we worked on getting some groceries and Phil and Ryder explored NYC's Riverside Park. With NY pizza having the reputation it does, we knew that was one of the first things to cross off our list. So pizza for dinner, it was! We at a Famiglia's pizza place, which we here is one of the better in the UWS area. Tasty stuff. And I really can get on board with their idea of a single portion :)

Sunday Phil and Ryder checked out our new ward. Penny and I stayed home and slept. Later that afternoon we took a walk and P & R showed me around Riverside Park. It was a rather pleasant way to spend a Sunday evening.
 So on our walk home from the park, Ryder kept asking to be held, but I was sick and Phil was holding Penny, so we kept telling him no. I wasn't being much help since I was on the phone and the next thing I know, Phil is picking up Ryder to put him on his shoulders. I quickly get off the phone and ask to take one. Being a good sport Phil told me he was a baby-carrying machine. I laughed and asked again if I could help and he just sighed and said, in a rather manly voice, "No. Just take a picture."

Monday we rode the subway down to Times Square to visit the Toys R Us store there. Ryder needed some help in the interior entertainment department, especially since we didn't pack hardly any toys. Plus, who needs a good excuse to buy toys any way? I thought Toy's R Us was totally cool and Times Square? Let's just say it certainly isn't underwhelming.

After riding the subway with two children and a stroller for the first time. Popping out in the middle of Times Square on Memorial Day weekend, the below photos show how I (and maybe someone else) was feeling.

I fully admit I'm in culture shock. I told my mom on the phone today, my emotions keep polarizing. One second something about this city will amaze me, two seconds later, something about this city will alarm me. One second I'll think something about our knew lifestyle here is challenging, the next second I'll think our the lifestyle here is totally convenient. Make sense? I know I'm confused too.

I'm working on and rather determined to focus on all the positives, but that will take some time...or maybe not as long as I think.

(Hi Mom!)


  1. So fun! So I noticed you're wearing an Ergo. Do you love it? I'm considering getting one since I hear you can wear your kids in them for quite a while and I think it'd be convenient for to have when the next one comes (not any time soon, haha). Anyway, curious if you like yours or have any gripes about it.

  2. Look at you explorers. Phil's picture/story is great! ha ha

    Glad you guys were out and about. I still am jealous of your adventure.

  3. Thanks for posting such great pics. They capture what your expereince is like.

  4. That makes perfect sense, and sounds fun!

  5. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Hey Jazzy, Your Mom suggested I go to your blog when I asked how you are doing and I'm glad I did. You are such a brave pioneer woman with two little ones! Sending you good luck vibes for this new adventure. Much Love, Aunt Lancy

  6. So I've been out of the blogging world...but I had to read every post about your new adventures! Welcome to the East Coast! It really is awesome here. I've totally fallen in love with it. (But I get to live in the middle of country and crazy of both worlds) I hope you are feeling better. Can't wait for the fun stories to keep coming :) (We may be in town get excited)

  7. YAY for NY!!!!! :) Enjoy my home...ok so NYC is not my home...but my home state I guess...really I think the only thing NYC has in common with my part is high taxes haha. But HAVE FUN!!!! How long are you guys going to be there? When you get back to UT let's get together!!

  8. We went to the Toys R Us at Times Square, it was a hoot. Did they still have the Jurassic Park Dinosaur there? Two kids in the subways in NYC are interesting. We had a double stroller, and I had to carry that up and down the stairs. That was interesting. I was too manly to let Meli help. Probably should have. I know of a few fun things to do there, if you have questions let me know. You'll probably figure them out anyways.