Today we are throwing, as hard as we can, birthday blessings to one of our most favorite people:


First off, there are a couple of people who are missing you and wanted to tell you a little something:
 Note: Ryder drew both the "H's" Sorry, mom, I didn't mean to make him look like he was 20 years old in that first one.

As for me, I was thinking how great it would be to get on record all of the reasons you are so wonderful, so in celebration for the 55 years of your life, here are 55 reasons why I love you so very much and why I'm so grateful for this day.
  1. You're a kindred spirit to me
  2. You can make anyone your friend
  3. And if you don't have time to make them your friend, you just end up charming the socks off of them
  4. You are genuine
  5. You are always trying to do your best
  6. You've taught me to always be kind and nice
  7. You have an amazing smile
  8. You can read my voice and face like a book. 
  9. You are crazy talented! But to be a bit more specific.
  10. You could and should be sitting next to Candace on the judge panel for Design Star. 
  11. You are a needle art GENIUS.
  12. You're an artist in the garden and taught me to love flowers.
  13. You have style in everything you do
  14. You love to read
  15. You taught me to love to read :)
  16. This probably already goes without saying, but you're an amazing mother
  17. You're a just as amazing Nana
  18. You are a teacher, and a really good one. 
  19. You are a wise and helpful counselor
  20. You're a good driver, even though you don't like it
  21. You are beautiful outside
  22. ...and inside
  23. You have unwavering integrity
  24. You have an undeniably close relationship to your Heavenly Father and the Savior
  25. You are a great missionary and asset to the Gospel
  26. You love your scriptures
  27. You know your scriptures
  28. You make everyone around you feel comfortable
  29. You can always make me feel better
  30. You have a great laugh. I love hearing you laugh!
  31. You are so fun to talk to. I wonder what the tally would be on the hours we've spent talking :)
  32. You think I'm funny
  33. You are an ardently loyal and happy wife, utterly smitten with your cute husband
  34. You love animals, even really big, overwhelming dogs
  35. You Skype with me and my family 
  36. You always talk to me about anything and let me ask you anything
  37. You are an example of what a lady is and should be
  38. You have beautiful, long and freakishly strong fingernails
  39. You are a cancer survivor
  40. You are a wonderful sister
  41. You are a warrior who has conquered a hard childhood
  42. You have beautiful jade green eyes
  43. Your grandchildren love you and miss you when you're not there
  44. You share my fetish and taste for handbags
  45. You are and example of and have taught me the importance of motherhood and womanhood.
  46. Your feet, that you were gracious enough to pass along to me :)
  47. You taught me what faith was and how to exercise it from a very young age
  48. You look at my blog every day
  49. You are one of the few people I can brag to--everyone needs a compliment bench once in awhile
  50. You have taught me the joys of Jane Austen movies and are able to share together their life's lessons
  51. You are so fun to shop with and great shopping friend
  52. You are an exceptional listener, even if one happens to go on and on
  53. You are working on becoming an awesome at computer communicating devices for the times I live far away
  54. You always make me want to be better
  55. You have in some way passed along all of these amazing things about yourself to your children, family, and friends.


  1. Your Mom is going to love this post!

  2. Just once I want to beat Natalie at commenting - she rocks!! :)

    Happy birthday Jasmine's mom. My favorite picture is Ryder looking so sad holding the NYC page because he wishes he was in UT having cake with grandma & grandpa.

    I on the other hand wish I was in Utah having a pork salad at Cafe Rio. Tell Phil to forget about corporate America and just move back home to Seattle and open a bunch of Cafe Rios!

  3. Anyone would be so lucky to have a mom like yours! She is just so wonderful and kind. Happy belated birthday to her if she reads this (:

  4. What a fun, lovely post! I love that picture of her, mostly because I think I look like her.
    Happy Birthday mom!

    PS. The picture with Ryder and the sign from New York is hilarious!

    We miss you.