Although there is a lot to do here, doing it by yourself with two babies quickly limits the options. The subway is still up for debate. When I went with Phil, it was tricky enough, but it's also something I'm not used to as well. We'll see as the summer goes on if my bravery and ability to maneuver a stroller, baby and a toddler increases. Until then, we'll save the longer outings for when Phil can join us and stick to activities in walking distance.

So my goal now is to figure out a regular daily routine that allows us to take advantage of everything we have available to us in walking distance.

We live in 4th floor walk-up, which I'm happy to say the hardest part of that whole thing is Ryder s.l.o.w.l.y wandering either up or down the stairs at whatever pace he chooses (either slow or super duper slow). And then when I get outside, I just count on being wet because it is oh so very humid here. Luckily, most parks have nice shade trees and there is usually a nice breeze waving about. We are in walking distance to Riverside Park, Morningside Park and if you walk about two blocks more, Central Park. So a park visit is a must.

There are a couple of mini-farmer's markets once or twice a week, which are always fun to me. We also live pretty close to a library so we'll have to work on getting us a card.

I just realized how utterly boring this post is getting. Man, I think I'll just stop now until it even gets more boring, if at all possible. Hurry, throw in some photos quick!

 Here is Ryder under a tunnel at Central Park. 

 Here is Penelope's new favorite sleeping position. On her side:) 


  1. are you kidding? Not one bit boring. I love getting a peek into what your fun little summer adventure is really like. And seriously, could Penny be any cuter????

  2. Oh man...we live on the 3rd floor and Rylee KILLS me with the walking the stairs!!! Rediculous...

    Good for you for taking it slow and waiting for Phil. Parks are great!

  3. ok so I must be lost why did you guys move, and where did you move to?

  4. Oh I want to come explore with you!!! I could be your extra set of hands and I know my way around the subway pretty well! I think I need to take some time off and come visit my long lost Jazzy girl!

  5. you could never be boring! Library are great for non scarry adventures, unlike a subway in NYC (the smell never leaves you)