Today was the day--thatr I conquered the subway with two babies, by myself. And it wasn't that bad. However, I think the cool 70 degree, breezy weather helped--a lot. My entire attitude changed knowing I wouldn't be wet by the time I got home :)

We had a play date with some other women in the ward and even though I had planned to walk the 20 blocks to the park, time got away from me and not wanting to get there just as everyone was winding up, the subway was the only option. So apparently, necessity is the mother of conquering your fears.

It actually went really well. I used everyone's tips and only popped Ryder out of the stroller to go down/up stairs. What I didn't know before is that you swipe your card and turn the turn style, without going through. Then you get the person on duty to open the emergency exit/entrance for you. This went easy peasy and we just rolled right onto the train. And just like everyone said they would, I had some cute person help me carry my stroller up the stairs.

My only snag came when I was standing on the subway so smug and happy I had accomplished my goal, that I missed my stop. Luckily, I only back tracked about 4 blocks :) Hehe.

If you've been reading all my posts about adjusting to this city, this was a huge feat for me as it opens up a whole new world of opportunities for us three to explore the Big Apple without Phil. (Although, we do prefer him there :) Plus, "ride the train" is probably Ryder's most favorite thing to do in the city and considering he's having a little trouble adjusting, I'm happy to accommodate him in this way. Just as a warning if you call and talk to Ryder, be prepared to get told over and over "come visit me?", "come see you?", "no, not far away." Poor little guy. Hopefully, as I get more adjusted and comfortable with the big city, he'll follow my lead.


  1. Way to go! You are brave...and you did it!

    Poor Ryder...he will make friends soon and call it home. (hopefully, not the week you leave ;))

  2. You should hit up the today show! Let me know when you do...I will be watching! :)

  3. Go Jasmine! You have a lot more guts than I do to conquer the city of New York. :) I love reading of your adventures!

  4. Congrats on the subway.
    I agree with Natalie, go to the TODAY show! but let us know ahead of time. My kids I use to watch it together and they would love to see you that way!

  5. That's wonderful! I'd be so scared.