Thanks everyone that commented on my last post! They were brilliant and just what I was hoping for! Just in case you didn't read over or catch all the comments, I wanted some sort of follow-up post that is kind of a reader's digest of what everyone's great ideas and advice were. 

If so, what should they be for you personally (and for your spouse)? 
  •  Moderation is key-June
  • Share everything with your spouse. The time you start keeping secret on FB or anywhere online is when you start getting in trouble-Mary  [She gave a link to an article from KSL regarding this subject, but I couldn't get the link to work, so if you're interested, pop over there and give her a shout out]
  • My husband and I have a joint facebook account. This helps us to keep in touch with people together and avoid temptations of secretly "friending" an old flame, talking to someone we shouldn't, etc. It also helps other people to know that we're in it together and if they talk to one of us, the other person sees it as well.-Ashley [I loved this idea! Plus, I love what having a shared account tells others]
  • Just like anything else, I personally have to monitor how much time I spend on facebook. Elder Bednar gave a talk recently about wasting away our time in front of a computer screen when we could be out with our neighbors and friends. I think if we're not careful, we can miss so much of life whilst browsing through "friends" profiles on facebook. -Ashley
  • A good tip: You should never friend anyone you wouldn't feel comfortable being alone in a room with.-Autumn
What should they be for our children or for youth we might have influence over?
  • Apply same rules to my children that I apply for myself-June
  • Guidelines for my kids is 3 hours screen time a day this includes TV, Wii, PC-Sheryl
  • They also don't get an email until age 12 and FB at age 13. We must be friends and they know I check them out because I am their friend, not a snoop.-Sheryl [I'm so happy Sheryl commented because she is such a fabulous mom and I love that "you're their friend, not a snoop:)"]
 What is the proper etiquette for turning people away?
  • If I don't want to hurt feelings, so I just ignore their request for like six months and then reply-Autumn [She also threw out the question , "Also, when you deny someone do they get a memo?" [So just make sure to REALLY ignore them. I do this too]
Thanks again everyone. I've got a lot of new ideas to apply to my own life, which always helps me feel motivated. Hopefully you found it valuable in some way too!


  1. Copy this link:

    Then paste it in your browser. It should take you to the tips about spouses and Facebook.

  2. Your post and me going crazy this summer has me rethinking the 3 hours a day. See my FB status. But I know in my heart it is what is best for my kids. Stay strong!