I've gotten a little behind on tracking our outings of late. But before I do so...


I feel so grateful to live in you, and even though I feel more like a live in foreign country right now, I'm so grateful for all the liberties that are ours.
Side note: Something tells me there is young man inside that Mickey Mouse costume attempting to show eager tourists that he's got dignity...perhaps just and ounce or a shred, but dude, he's still got it. 

Now, where were we. Ah yes, our outings of late...
Last weekend, we hung out with our friends Aaron and Amy (Aaron is also interning with AmEx this summer.) Phil and Aaron graciously took the kids to the Bronx Zoo so the ladies could go wander around SoHo.
 Here is Ryder and Piper in-front (relatively speaking) of some giraffes. 

 And here is Ryder before the feature Dora and Diego 4D experience! I know. Exciting. Besides how could anything not be totally great while wearing glasses like that?

Phil insisted on taking the camera (kind of like my outing wasn't even close to being as exciting as the kids and the zoo. Probably right.) But if I did have the camera, I would have taken pictures of the following events:
  • Amy and I's expression after she got off the subway and the doors closed, leaving Penny and I still on it. No semblance of wits, no yelling of plans, just expressions of shock and awe. Luckily, the doors opened again. Phew.
  • The trying on and purchasing of Ray Ban knock-offs. I will come home with modge-podge of sunglasses. It's a matter of fact. I am a street vendor's dream.
  • Eating coconut helado (it's Spanish for ice cream) while trekking through Central Park. Most delicious dollar you will ever spend in NYC. And I don't even really like coconut.

This morning we decided to kick off our Independence Day Weekend by visiting...

Can you guess???

I know what you're thinking--The Statue of Liberty?

Here's a clue:

Yup, we decided to visit NYC's real and true symbol of liberty:

The Empire State Building!

I know. So there's no connection, sorry. Come to think of it the Lady Liberty would've been a good idea...owell. 

But we were able to see this:

And take these:

And have this:
Move over Meg and Tom! 

There. Now it's like you've been there except you didn't have to spend $40 and wait in line for an hour and a half :)


  1. Love the view! The picture of Penny with the big building is AWESOME!

  2. you guys make cute kids. Can't wait to see you all next week!!!! :))

  3. fun fun fun! We watched lots of fireworks last night (DC, Space Needle and local) but NY was by far the best choreographed! Amazing! Hope you saw some.

  4. You have such an adventerous life Jazzy!!! I am in awe you do it all with two kids! Sometimes wal-mart is too much for me with Ike, and look at you on the Empire State Building!! Whoa!

    Those shorts were a hand-me-down (bless my sister-in-law. She shops at gymboree a lot though, so I bet that's where they are from. I'd go check but my munckin is snoozing.
    thanks for the hair compliment. You have no idea how bad I need a cut and color though! I decided to bag it and just embrace summer!--twists, ponytails and hats! Boo-ya!

  5. Just catching up on my blog reading. You can not believe how jealous Chris and I are of you guys. We miss NYC SO much! Looks like you guys are having ablast out there...enjoy!