So shortly after the Fourth of July weekend we had family in town and apparently that's all it takes for me to get rather behind. So here is to the rest of July!

We continued our Independence Day celebrations on Sunday where a bunch of us got together and set up little spot at Riverside Park overlooking the Hudson to view the Macy's Fireworks (apparently Macy runs all holiday festivities in this city). We were a little concerned about everything working out with the crowds and late night, but it worked out perfectly and we had tons of fun.
 The family in front of the Hudson at sunset
The boys: Mack, Jackson, Tyler, Ryder & Ty

Since Phil got Monday off of work, I finally decided it was time to do something that actually had to do with our Nation's Independence :) and so we took the Staten Island ferry across to view Lady Liberty, herself. We also enjoyed our second trip to Costco in a week AND Phil and Ryder took another visit to Ryder's favorite place in NYC, The Children's Museum of Manhattan.

 Our view from the ferry


 Ryder at the museum

Later that week, we did make the Today Show outing. No worries, I'm sure we weren't on TV. I decided waking up at the crack of dawn to go wait for a couple of hours isn't really conducive to entertaining two children. BUT, I did see Meredith and my friends Amber and Claire who got there about a half hour earlier than me did get scanned by one of the I can't say the same for them about their big national TV debut. We also went to Magnolia Bakery where I enjoyed a delectable red velvet cupcake and then took another visit to FAO Schwartz. Oh and a little tippy tip. If your at FAO Schwartz when they open, one of the employees dressed as a soldier comes out and dramatically announces they're open and then as you enter the employees are all lined up along the sides of the entry and clap...kinda like your in a parade. We loved it (well, I loved it). I felt so special. ~Sigh~

 Myself, Ryder and Claire and Nora hangin' with the Today Show crowd

 Mack, Ryder and Ty waiting for the store to open

Penny Rae at the Today Show with a fan promoting the movie "Despicable Me". Steve Carell was the guest for that day

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  1. I am so happy you made it to the today show!!! Thanks...that was my one request for you :)

    I love the pretty sunset from the 4th of July!