On a Funnier Note...

I'm just blogging like crazy today. I figure if I just sit here long enough rocking Ryder with my foot, he will fall asleep and take a respectable nap, plus a great way to procrastinate the rest of the things I should do today...like shower.

Anyhow, so Phil and I attended the baby shower of one of his co-worker's wife a few weeks ago. Well, we just happened to be sitting by the guest of honor and therefore in almost every single picture. If only I had known. Here are some possible thoughts that could've been going through my head...

"Now, where can I get one of those?"

No words needed

(Perhaps after a night of partying with Ryder)


(Hello! Let's work on our posture, Jasmine.)

"Mmmm hmm... big fashion no, no"

(Actually this is what we got them)

*Despite what my unphotogenic self might communicate we had a great time at Komal's shower and wish her and Shuib congrats on their new baby boy!!

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  1. Hilarious! I hadn't even seen this post. I need to scroll down more often apparently. Anyway, I love your new blogs!