There is a First for Everything

After being a dedicated fan for some years now, it should go down in history that tonight was the first time I actually voted for someone on American Idol. And probably the last.

Who I'm pulling for (in no particular order):

Brooke White: I love her mellow style, wholesomeness and how she is slightly nerdy. Plus, gotta support our fellow Latter-day Saints :)
Carly Smithson: I love her because I think she is just plain talented. And I think she has a way cute personality.

David Archuleta: I think he is adorable, incredibly talented and I LOVE how he has this innate humility about him. And it doesn't hurt he's from Utah.

Jason Castro: He makes me smile and I think he is hilarious. I totally think he'll fit the next Jack Johnson/Ben Harper bill.

So! Who did I vote for? I know you're dying to know. Drum roll please...

Carly Smithson

Why you ask? My answer is four-fold. (Yes, mom, here it comes*):
A. I really think she has one of those crazy amazing voices that can hit notes that leave you in awe.
B. She was in the bottom three last week. That worried me and I'm doing what I can.
C. She sang and aced, in my opinion, one of my favorite songs, "A Total Eclipse of the Heart" last week. I almost voted for her then, but didn't.
D. Already thinking I needed to right my last week's wrong I almost ran toward my phone when I saw her face drop when Simon insulted her style. She was so happy up until then and if you have been paying attention wasn't feeling so great last week because there had been news reports of her being pregnant. Just what every girl loves to hear. And then, I love how she handled it with grace by making a funny comment about her spanks, but the very next week to be told she needed to pay attention to her wardrobe??? It was very low, very low indeed.

So even though I don't have a real favorite amongst my top 4, I just really felt like Carly needed me tonight. And that is what I think about that.

*So you know how some people have a bad habit of saying "like" a lot? Well, while I was in Utah I picked up this awesome habit of constantly making lists bulleted by the alphabet. My mom and I talk a lot and so she just thought this was the funniest thing...especially because I rarely had a 'B.' or a 'C.'


  1. Is the last half of my post super duper big to anyone else? I've tried to fix it twice and it's really on my nerves.

  2. Nevermind, I think I fixed it. Woosh, glad someone's commenting on this blog...

  3. Dont tell anyone but I might vote everyonce in a while.......Only if I feel I need to...

  4. We have voted once for "Dancing With the Stars" in my house, but not for "American Idol." Now I'm tempted to vote for David Archuleta or Brooke White. But I also think Michael Johns isn't bad. What to do?!

  5. I was just walking through the Wilk and saw a booth with your BYU Barbershop poster on it! John P. was there taking pictures of the promotion and it made me feel very nostalgic!

  6. I think its great you actually voted! I must admit I am surprised, I thought your vote would be reserved for Jason (is that his name?) for sure. :)