Words on Running

If you're the type of person who can do nothing for weeks and then just get up and run 6 miles in 60 minutes with no problem just because you thought it would feel good, then I just don't know if your the type of person who should read this particular post.

So I've been running. I know, I know, shocking. More on this later.

Anyhow, about a week ago, in an effort to encourage me to go 3 miles instead of my originally planned 2.5 miles, Phil said, "Just think, you can blog about it when you're done!"

Slightly embarrassed he knew this would act as an incentive for me, I scoffed and said, "I wouldn't blog about running 3 miles." I mean, really, who would blog about running 3 miles?

However, blogging about running 4 miles? Now, that's something to blog about! This is a super big deal for me. Getting to this point has not been easy, mind you. If you know me, you know I've always hated running (now, it's more of a hate/it's okay relationship). I've always felt it was one of the most efficient forms of exercise, but hated it because it was so hard. Every time I tried to start running, I'd do it all wrong. I'd take on too much too fast or I'd go running with track gurus or marathon runners, who would pull the whole run to the end of the block and run back to get me (and run to the end of the block and run back to me, and run to the end of the block and run back to me) before I finally caught up and we started the whole thing over again. Every time I thought, "wow, running stinks".

...and no, this is not a photo of me running.

Then, I had a baby. If you're like me and had the whole "what's the point" attitude toward exercising while pregnant, then you know all sorts of motivations to get back in shape come after your baby is born. I then, had the fortunate event of knowing two other mothers (particularly one) who just had babies a couple months before me and were starting to run again. It is thanks to their motivation and advice I was able to get to a point where running a respectable distance was an attainable goal. If I remember correctly, I believe, my first day into it I could only do rounds of running 30 seconds, walking 2 minutes. Always, increasing the time, I remember having a pit in my stomach the day before we were going to actually run more than walk.

So although, reaching this point is a big deal for me, I still have quite a ways to go. Because, you see, I have some how managed to commit myself to two runs. A 12k in June and a twelve-man relay in July. My plan? In June, don't worry about my time. Finishing will be a victory in itself. I'll try to improve my speed for July. However, if that doesn't pull through, I'll have my husband, who just happens to have the legs of a Greek god (he's one of those aforementioned readers) there with me to make up for what I lack. Good plan? I think so.

So, I get to blog about running at 4 miles. When I get to 5 miles, I get to purchase myself a swanky running outfit.


  1. Spending money on a new outfit is such a good incentive for me that I would go out, run 5 miles, pass out and die and never be able to get my new outfit. But at least I would die knowing I would be able to get my new outfit. There would be a smile on my face.

    P.S. does anyone else think that the word verifications are sometimes hard to understand? Me too.

  2. That is awesome!! For sure something to blog about. I'm to that point where I feel exercising while pregnant...not really motivated since I'm just getting bigger and bigger no matter what. I want to get back to running after the baby though. Just make sure you have good shoes that is the most important!! anyway, great job on your running!!!

  3. I am so proud of you for doing 4 miles!!!!! Aren't you ahead of schedule? Good job. Wow, running with you doesn't get to be my easier run anymore. You are doing so well.

    And, yes, Autumn, they are ridiculously difficult to read. I was just thinking that. In fact, it just made me write in a new one because I screwed the last one up.

  4. will you pls post the swanky outfit? ;)
    You go girl!

  5. Go Jazzy! Yay! I'm so proud of you. We should start a club. The Running Mama's Club! Or something...

  6. My foot still hurts a little from running a 5k a week and a half ago. I think a new outfit would make me feel better! Good luck

  7. I am in awe over your admirable running goals! I ran a 5k last year and these were the results: I got SCHOOLED by my husband, who had a bum leg, my 50 year old mother in law, and our friend Kam who was pushing a STROLLER with two 4-year-olds in it! It was an embarassing defeat.

    Anyway, I've set a goal this year to run 500 miles, and so far I'm failing miserably, I think I only have ran like... 45? Sad, I know...

  8. Way to go! I can bike, rollerblade, and hike pretty steep hills, but there is something about running that by body just doesn't like. After a mile I feel like I'm coughing up blood. Maybe I need to train more.

    To answer your question..Landon turns 1 next week.