Late Evening Thoughts

  • Do any of you feel like the files on your computer are an unorganized mess? I do. In the process of organizing those.
  • Speaking of files, I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize, save and back up digital photos. It's a new age folks. No more boxes and boxes of random photos that need to be organized or put into albums, just files and files of them. I'm working on this as well. I obviously want to back up our photo files every so often. I also want to assign a drive per child to put photos and digital scrapbook pages of them on for them to keep. (ya know as opposed to an actual personal scrapbook or baby book) much work? Perhaps. If any of you have thought the whole digital photo storage thing out long-term and have a good system going, please share.
  • Speaking of organization, a definite spring cleaning session is needed at my house. It is time for a purge of our clutter to make more necessary storage room in our small area and ever increasing assets (mostly baby assets).
  • Speaking of babies, you parents of babies and young children, living in Utah, if you haven't discovered Magical Moon Toys in Logan, you should. It is pretty awesome. My mom showed it to me while I was in there and I couldn't help buy Ryder some stuff. It has EVERYTHING plus these cool wood toys made by a company called Melissa and Doug (wood toys are very durable and last a long time).
  • Speaking of all things fun, have any of you noticed the commercials and teasers for So You Think You Can Dance on FOX? I have and that's exactly what they did... teased me. I am so excited for that show. Coming in May, people... in May.
  • Speaking of TV, every time I listen to conference, I feel the prompting/motivation/guilt, whatever you want to call it, to watch less TV, and use less Internet. I think one of Phil's BYU professors once coined it as "Screen Time". Yeah, I need less "Screen Time". I keep hearing our leaders telling us make to make our homes a place where the Spirit can dwell and to avoid at all costs letting evil things in. Automatically, I ask myself, how am I letting in the evil things of the world in my home? And almost just as automatically, I think of the TV being a small window where little bits of evil creep in through forms of crude language, liberal attitudes toward morality and well, you know what I'm talking about. It's funny because I will never read books that have such filth in them, but for some reason I have a much higher tolerance when it comes to watching it.*
  • Speaking of bad things, why am I still up? Good night.
*From my previous comment, it sounds like I'm a stay-at-home mom who watches soap-operas all day. No silly, I don't do that. Come to think of it, because of my blog, I think all of you are well aware of what I watch :)


  1. i almost thought one of those dot was going to include a, "im pregnant." ha! just b/c you are into the spring cleaning mood, but arent we all? i dont have any thoughts on digital, b/c i still hate that the world has gone digital. weird?i know. im old fashioned. since you love so you think you can dance, i have to tell you that shane used to be my dance eh? all the girls used to have a huge crush on him. i loved hip hop and i was his fav student. (i had to throw that in;)) as far as tv...i know what you mean. weirdly i never liked tv until i started nursing, but now ive gotten back to normal. now i just need to let go of LOST. I dont know if american idol has gone bad yet?? what do you think? ive given up on that stars ballroom show....its gross. why do i always write books in yours? sorry.

  2. You are so funny with all of your organizational things. I love it. We are SO different that way. I'm happy if I have piles of similar things together. Of course you don't watch soaps. They're utterly dreadful. I'm seriously thinking about not getting the box to convert our tv to digital in 2009 when it's required. I grew up without tv and it's not a bad thing. I'll have netflix!

  3. Wait a guys don't watch soaps!

  4. Johnski told me about this site before we left on our trip last year. You can store up to 25 gb of photos, vidoes, whatever for free. It's pretty easy to use and provides a nice additional backup--you know, if something started on fire and all of external hard drives and computer were melted into a puddle on the floor (not trying to be dramatic--but seriously!). That's what we are using to back up our photos.

  5. Hi Shorten Fam,

    I was searching for friends blogs and found yours. Congrats on little Ryder, he is adorable. We actually are expecting our first baby boy at the end of June, and I can't wait. It's taken us a long time to get here. I started this blogging business about 6 months ago, and have LOVED it. I have found so many old friends through the blogging world. Anyway, just thought I would stop by and congratulate you on baby Ryder and everything else great in your life.

    Take care,

    Bri Hoopes(used to be Phillips)