Now That's a Cupcake

So my friends Elizabeth, Jeanelle and I took a mini field trip to nationally renowned Trophy Cupcakes recently featured on the Martha Stewart show, this last weekend. It was super fun and we got to meet the owner who actually was on the show. She humored us with a photo and pretty much gave us the skinny on Martha and here experience with getting on the show. Anyhow, Jeanelle wrote a much more well-written and interesting post about our adventure. You can read it here. If your curious, my favorite was the triple-chocolate cupcake. However, I'm still daydreaming of the lemon cupcake I decided not to buy. If your in the area, you should totally go. If you're not, come visit me and then we'll totally go. And I'll get the lemon one...

(Click on photos to make bigger)


  1. oh my jazzy could you be any cuter

  2. So, those look like pretty tasty cupcakes!! do you think you could send one down my way!!
    YOu are brave to go in Magical moon toys. I lived there for 3 years and never dared because I was afraid Rex wouldn't let me come home because I spent so much! Well, I hope things are going well! Talk to you later!