Family Pictures

Getting family pictures taken is not my strong point. Originally, I had the plan to have family pictures taken in every location that we've lived at--but that didn't happen. Then, I thought I'd just aim for getting them done each time I had a baby turn one...which we almost did (except this last one, Hazel is almost two).

Speaking of which, these photos were taken toward the end of July. Why it has taken me so long to get them printed (this weeks project), I have no idea. It was the same story with my other ones too! Sigh.

But alas, here they are:

 Probably my favorite

Cutie Pies. But please don't ask me why Hazel has only two buttons done up on her cardy or why Penny's bow is centered a top her head, because the answer is--I don't know. Okay.

 This one gets the award for "Keepin' it real".  Seriously. I swear we all look like ourselves in this picture at least 10x a day.

Oh, hello there. 

Knowing I was looking for someone to take our pictures, my sweet friend, Lisa (whom I adore) offered to take them for us. We decided to take them up American Fork Canyon, but after finally finding a day we could all get together, it was spotty rain storms all day. We chatted and since we were all dolled up and ready to go--we decided to take our chances.

I love them when they are like this.

Hazel only had eyes for her daddy that day. It's a good thing he was there or she would have never cracked a smile. Whaaatever...

Something's missing...;) 

A little 'tude 

Again, only got this because she is being held by her favorite guy. 

It was pretty much drizzling the whole time we were there and if you notice Penny's and my hair throughout the progression of the photos, it just keeps getting flatter and straighter. Hazel's hair on the other hand just keeps getting curlier and curlier the longer we were out there. What I do love about having them in the rain is the coloring and the fact you can see little drops in the background.

And I'm so happy to finally have great shots of our little family!

Apparently, I didn't get the memo.

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