Going Bananas!!!

So I've been thinking a lot about bananas lately. I think this is because my opinion of them has changed. I'll be honest, I never LOVED bananas. My relationship with them was very similar to my relationship with tomatoes. I want to like them, but I just couldn't. To this day I will try tomatoes every once in awhile to see if my mind has been changed, but nope it hasn't. However, I've had a fruit break-though, my mind has changed about bananas! But not in the way you would think....read on.

With my past relationship with bananas, I would buy them as a side fruit to have with lunch or as a snack because a) they're cheap, b) easy to peel and easy to manage, so great for on the go, and c) they are cheap. But the thing that bugged me the very most about bananas, besides their bland taste, was how fast they would go bad!!! I HATE it when food goes bad...such a waste! I tried buying them green, I tried buying less at a time...but no matter what I would do, I would wake one morning to see my last couple of bananas brown and spoiled (leaving me with a continuous supply for banana bread). With this relationship being very close to mashed, I made a little discovery...

I was at my baby shower, that wonderfully, supplied a chocolate fountain. As I was enjoying my refreshments, I realized I kept going for the bananas to dip in the chocolate. Nothing else seemed to quench my sweet tooth like the chocolate covered bananas. With this revelation, it led to a couple more revelations, one being a chocolate banana smoothie (1 banana, two scoops of chocolate ice cream, 1 tsp of vanilla and 6 cubes and you have a little glass of heaven). I also revived a few old classics, that sometimes get forgotten about: bananas on cereal, bananas with pretty much any flavor of ice cream, bananas on waffles/pancakes/french toast (ok, this might not be a classic). Bascially, I have come to find bananas the perfect counterbalance to most things sweet and chocolatey, plus making you feel a little healthier for having thrown in a piece of fruit. With this discovery, I am buying bananas like mad! Always needing them for one thing or another. Now my relationship with bananas is very similar to my relationship with milk and bread.

I think there is a lesson to be learned in all of this. If you have a bad relationship, it may not be that the realtionship is bad, you are just not utilizing it the way you should...I dunno. I'm just happy I have found joy in a cheap and healthy food item.

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  1. I might use some of your tips as I'm not a big banana fan. I do find them to be absolutely delicious in this homemade, egg free waffle mix. So yummy!