I don't know if you've noticed, but I haven't been posting as much as I usually do and when I ask myself why, I have a hard time coming up with a good reason. Well, after a little self-reflection, I know the answer! Procrastination. I've lost you, haven't I? Lets back the trolley train up a bit. You see awhile back Phil and I made a 'to-do' list longer than my arm with all of the things we need to get done to move this summer and go back to school. Well, depending on the task, I marked it with a 'P' (Phil) or 'J' (me) for whom that task was designated. It just so happens the tasks,
  • post rental ad on Craigslist
  • create rental blog
ALL had a 'J' next to them. Who did that? (it was me). Anyhow, its been this dark cloud looming over my head for awhile now because I know if I post our condo for rent, that means I have to sit around and wait to see if anyone wants to rent it! And so the procrastination went. I didn't attempt to complete my tasks but at the same time I didn't attempt to complete anything else (like blogging) that might make me think, "shouldn't you be ...instead of..." Ya see what I'm sayin'? Stupid procrastination. But alas, all burdensome things must come to an end so today I did it. Our little home is now officially up for grabs. I have one yet, last and final task. It is a task of honor and duty. It is a charge I trustingly bestow upon you, my fellow comrads... ...please tell anyone looking for place to live in the south King County area about my little condo. I even have a cute, but informative blog for them to check out: Thanks!

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  1. my sister is moving up to redmond in 45 days or so, I know she plans on renting at first, I'll pass the info along.
    (PS, your link doesn't work, you need to put an http:// in front of the www)