So. Ryder was still sick this whole week. He decided to throw in a cold on top of that same weird stomach bug. Since he hit the week mark we took him to the doctor and are currently having some "samples" tested (which is always a pleasant experience) so hopefully we can find out what it is and treat it. His cold is pretty much gone and as long as we keep his diet really bland he does pretty good. Anyhow, I hope by the time the weekend it over he'll be 100%. Needless to say, I've had enough p.j. days and Monsters Inc. to last me a lifetime. Well, maybe not p.j. days. So. With the events, or unevents, of this week, rather, here are some simple things that brought me some joy this week. This, Masterpiece Theater's Emma. This brings me way more joy than it should. And don't we love that Knightly is Eli Stone!? Part three this Sunday! Can't wait! Penelope's new hair-do. I call this one the flip with a swoop-bang. Seeing dry and sarcastic, Survivor Tyson at the grocery store. He wears a permanent crusty on his face. And his hair is way longer now. If I hadn't been quickly throwing everything having anything to do with Pedialite in my shopping cart I would have tried to get out of him how he did this season. No,not really. I've never seen this boy fall asleep so much. Ryder that is. (Phil I've seen fall asleep a lot :) Now if only Ryder would stay asleep, that would really be something. Oh, and this.


  1. She is so cute. Sorry about the sicknesses, we've got some here too.

  2. The sick germs are on another round becuase that has been our week too!

    I am excited you spotted a Survivor starts this coming week! We can't wait. You should have signed something...haha

    Your baby girl is precious!

  3. Such cute kids! Bring them to my house!

    Okay, I am so in love with Emma. Have you seen how her house is decorated? That is how my next house will be decorated. I'm in love with the movie, so much so that last week I proclaimed that Sean looks like Mr. Knightley, even if he doesn't, but at certain times of day and in certain slants of light...

    And we all know I make a perfect Emma. :)

    Needless to say I will purchase it the second it comes off back order.

  4. I just made JB pre-order Emma for me last night on Amazon. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I just blogged about it this morning too.

    Your baby girl is so darling. Sorry for the sickness. We are sick too. It never ends.

  5. I can relate...somehow those pajamas just never seem to get changed. Darling pictures! How is the apartment hunt coming along? :)

  6. i dont like it when my kids sickness upon sickness...thats annoying, esp when you feel like a bad mom sometimes b/c theyre in front of the tv...but i do love how they nap so well. hee hee cant wait to se enad hold penny!