That is a lot of cute for one chair.

Lately I've been going through a bit of a "whatever"phase.  I have a list longer than my arm of tasks to accomplish, books to read and projects to start, but I'm lucky if I get through the day with a couple of rooms clean. I don't know if it's because of the winter doldrums or because I'm just lazy....(could be a possibility)... either way I'm hoping to snap out of it soon. However, here are a few thoughts or happenings that have occurred lately in my idle state:

  • We got a humidifier! You know you're in a little bit of a funk, when such a purchase is exciting and perhaps life changing. It's true though. I had this hideous cough that never went away, with no other coinciding cold-like symptoms, that seemed to thrive the second I layed down. Not anymore! Yay!

  • This angel boy of mine lately...hasn't been, what you might say...angelic. Going through a rough phase. Trying a few different solutions. Trying to figure out why. I still don't have the answers, whatever it is though I'm pretty confident it's nothing I'm doing wrong. Nope. It couldn't be...

 I know, how could this boy do anything wrong, right?

  •  Oh and I cleaned out my sock drawer. For reasons like this. Phil who rarely ever tells me to do anything demanded I throw these socks away. I just don't understand why? Maybe he should tell me to go get a pedicure as well... 

  • Phil is enrolled in a personal finance class this semester and it has us all jazzed about figuring out our future budget after we graduate and trying to come up with a plan to efficiently conquer our debt from student loans and find a solution to our condo. I go back and forth between feeling excited and hopeful, to overwhelmed and depressed.

  • Yesterday we went to hang out at my sister's house. We hadn't been since before the holidays and I kept thinking why? Why don't we do this every day?
 Gracie and Ryder laughing together while doing a puzzle. I think Ryder kept saying to Gracie, "You're a genius, girl!" and for some reason it would send them both into a fit of giggles.

 So this is what Autumn and I do. Plop our kids in front of the TV, hand them a sucker and we go in the other room and talk. We're such good mothers :) Oh, and where is Penny through all of this. You will find her here:

on the stairs

  • Speaking of said sister. Do you remember this post? Look at what she got me for my birthday! I am so excited. Particularly because that fabric looks even better in real life than it does online. Hopefully, I can put it to good use sometime soon.

Aaaand, I think that about covers it!


  1. look at those precious kiddos!!! hope all is well with you guys we need to have a reunion or something ya know! haha loves!!

  2. I have seriously been in the same exact funk. It must be winter. I'm depressed for no reason and not motivated to do anything! I'm glad I'm not alone.

  3. Everyone calls them the Terrible Twos but I swear three years old is much harder.

    Good luck with the winter funk!

  4. I think its winter as well. The who-cares blah.

    It was good seeing you!