This week, my sister had the fortunate event of welcoming a new baby girl into their home. Her name is Rory Jane, and I find her quite enchanting. Go here to see the new angelbaby :)

This blessed event meant I had the good fortune of taking care of my niece and nephew for a couple of days. Although, four is a bit more challenging than two, it was really fun getting to know my niece and nephew better. Especially, since I thought I knew them pretty well to begin with. Not to mention my kids are in dreamland whenever they're around. While they were at my house, the most entertaining and time consuming (which is a good thing) activity was the Play Dough.

I didn't account for little PennyBells feeling left out of all the big kid activities.

Later that week, we went to Autumn's to meet the new little princess, and perhaps while we were there took full advantage of the weather and their awesome backyard.

Here we have Gracie. Now, Gracie and I go way back. Thanks to a wonderful combination of timing and location, I had the opportunity to bond with this girl from the beginning. Plus, when she entered this world, I was the cool aunt who was young, hip and didn't have any kids yet. She was my only niece for quite awhile. Now, she's a whopping 5 years old and she acts like she's twelve. Always a complete joy to be around. If I had to describe Gracie in 3 words they would be: intelligent, compassionate and beautiful (in every sense). 
(Did I mention hilarious? These photos were all Gracie...each "pose" was so unique and creative :)

This here is Jared. Jared is of the quiet sort who most of the time, you find him minding his own business. So I don't want to brag or anything when I tell you there may have been more than one occasion, while they were staying with us that we...snuggled. And if I were the type of aunt to kiss and tell, which I'm not, then I might tell you he kissed my shoulder while we were watching a movie. And those eyes! Those eyes may or may not have earned him an extra jelly bean or two. I hate to see what those eyes will get him in the future. If I had to describe J in 3 words, they would be: clever, happy and sweet.

(Please don't tell my sister I let her son play with a real shovel-- thanks.)

I feel so grateful to live this close to my sister. I just love her and her cute family to pieces!

Now, if there be any other siblings of our's that ever need us to babysit, you just bring 'em on over.

Here are a few more fun photos...


  1. I bet that was a blast for Ryder! I see so much of YOU in your niece!

  2. You are such a sweet aunt!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the darling post. It honestly made my day. And let me tell you it's been a day.

    You are wonderful, kind, and beautiful. Gracie is learning from you.

  4. Holy Moly Ryder looks so grown up to me!!

    What a great aunt you are! Can I bring my kids over so you can take pictures of them and write nice things about them? Or is that privilege only available to family? Cause I would have no problem flying them out there ;)

  5. You are too much fun. Such as great auntie