In the spirit of kicking off the month of November and everything Thanksgiving,  I thought I'd try to post a few things this month that I am grateful for.

Right now, I have to say it's POWER! Not the sort of dictator-ish power in which I just made that sound, but the power that supplies me the juice to provide you these words right now. The power that lights up my darkest of hallways. The power that allows me to nuke my children's quesadillas. That sort of power.

I can't help but look around and not only feel so grateful that we were one of the few not to lose it, but to also remember what it was like to lose power (and even just for 18 hours) during the hurricane a few weeks ago.

And gee, while I'm add it, let's throw in a good word for water too. In fact, water, is harder to live without than power. (I hear it's kinda necessary for survival or something).

I am so very, very grateful for these modern conveniences that provide me a life of comfort, ease and the ability to check my Facebook page.

Happy turkey month everyone!


  1. Amen! Callie's house still doesn't have power after their snow this weekend and they have that beautiful new baby girl to bring home. I love power. :)

  2. Yes and Yes!! I've never been more grateful for electricity and water...and nice friends who let me plug my stuff into their outlets :)

  3. YES! Isn't it awesome not to live in the middle ages or even a hundred years ago?