Scarf Models

Today was one of those days that instead of cleaning up after breakfast, making beds and doing laundry, I grabbed a pair of scissors and turned the leftovers of my new "sweat cutoffs" into a child size scarf for Penny. After forcing Penny to put it on--it only seemed right to match it up with a messy up-do. It was at that point the only appropriate thing left to do was a photo shoot. It was like I was caught in my own version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" except mine would be titled, "If You Give a Bored Mom a Pair of Scissors."

So after about 10 minutes of trying to get Penny to "work it" infront of the camera... 

...we quickly came to the realization that modeling is not the career path for her.  This was how she really felt about the whole thing.
Turns out, Penny didn't even really like the scarf. Apparently, she's not as fashion-foward as her mom when it comes to making sweat scraps into accessories. I had to bribe her with an episode of Diego to get her to keep it on long enough for me to take some photos.


Lest we forget....Penny is not the only pretty girl in this house. Sheesh! Let alone a much more willing participant.

And even though she couldn't tell me...I'm quite certain Hazel loved what is now her new scarf. Even if it's just to chew on. Hey! Stylish scarf-like bibs for teethers! Ya know--something to soak up all that drool... it was my read it here first. Anyhow, back to model #2...
 Isn't she just a natural?

And finally, for all you men out there. A touch of masculinity. (I needed something to do with the other leg.) These, I'm sure, will be appearing soon in a store near you. But for those of you who can't wait that long, just remember, find a pair of old sweat pants. Cut them off at the knee and shove the remains over your sons head. Bada-bing-bada-boom.


  1. Ha! So funny and so cute!! They rocked their scarves.

  2. I honestly think Ryder has a true modeling talent... Handsome AND thoughtful!

    So cute and so much fun. I wish Gracie was there to help you! She has a million modeling poses.

    Oh, and hilarious!

  3. your kids are adorable! this is such a fun post. i always try to get rylee to wear scarves. she has a couple and she pretty much does the same thing as penny!