Easter 2013

Things are going to be quick and to the point around here for a little bit while I get caught up on all our posts. No funny business and I mean it.

Now. Let's talk about Easter. Easter weekend here in Australia was a beautiful summer day. Saturday we spend with Claire and her family dying eggs, doing an Easter egg hunt, followed by playing at Little Manly Beach. Thanks to Claire's wonderful in-laws who were "in-town" we got to experienc the delicacy of real Easter candy they brought with them from the States. You don't realize the value of mini eggs, malt ball eggs, sweetart bunnies and jelly beans until they're gone. I even saw a Peep and devoured it like I was starving to death.

And before you ask, yes, I'm the mom who made my kids use a nasty grocery sack for their "basket". Wouldn't be the first time and I can't guarantee it won't be the last.

Sunday we enjoyed a nice day at church. I actually had to sing with my friend in Sacrament meeting and then we had a little BBQ at a park with some friends in the ward afterward. For being away from family and our usual Easter candy traditions, we ended up enjoying ourselves quite a bit.

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  1. What kind of candy do they have "down under"?