G&G Shorten Visit: Sydney

Our half-way point here in Sydney was happily celebrated with visitors! We've spent the last couple of weeks showing Phil's parents around our beloved Australia.

We spent the first few days showing them our favorite spots where we spend a lot of our days. Those spots included Toronga Zoo, Balmoral Beach, Darling Harbor, George's Head and Manly Beach.

Toronga Zoo:

 Darling Harbor & meeting Phil for lunch at Hurricanes:

After lunch that day, Phil's parents took a little detour home via the Sydney Opera House:

Manly Beach:

George's Head (that day was coincidentally Aznac Day in Australia--the equivelant to Veteran's Day in the US):


  1. Oh Man -- I'm missing you guys! Thank you so much for a fabulous time in Australia! We loved it! Give those kids a hug for me. I love you!


  2. Penny with the rib bone made me laugh.