It's a Hopeful Thing: Melting

"At the end of the day all you need is hope and strength, hope that it will get better 
and strength to hold on until it does"

In December it seemed like we were hit with snowstorm after snowstorm. That combined with the freezing winds and living on a the side of a mountain turned our sparkling white snow into ice. Suprisingly, however ever since the new year, we've happily seen quite a bit of the sun. So while I've been waiting around for the next snowstorm to hit, our huge ice chunks have been slowly disappearing bit by bit. Now, although I'm not against any more snow storms--(and looking at our forecast we'll probably be seeing some this weekend) its been very nice to catch a break see these ugly, hard patches start to melt away. I can't help but think the time and consistency it takes the sun to do this is symbolic of many things when it comes to hopeful patience.

And it seems the more patient you are with things that take time, the more impressive your result: in this case--perhaps a beautiful Spring!

Melt away ice! Melt away!

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