Lowering Expectations

Everytime someone raves about how good a movie is, it seems whenever I get around to seeing it, it's never as good as I was expecting. And the opposite applies as well. If someone says a movie wasn't that great, when I finally see it, I usually think hey, that was better than I was expecting! I've even come to prefer the lower expectations. 

My sad dayplanner that was falling apart before Hazel had her way with it. Not my most favorite Papersource product :(

And lately lowering expectations kind of sounds nice. Sometimes having high expectations can be exhausting. For example the other day I woke up tired and just knew it was going to be one of those days. So immediately I lowered my expectations. And what do ya know? Instead of noticing everything I didn't do I ended up rather impressed with the stuff I did do. And if given the option to feel awesome or not feel awesome--I'm going to choose to feel awesome. 

Now, there are days that deserve my best efforts to be better and there are some days that I'm just plum lazy. I think one of the hardest things to do as a mother is striking the correct balance between trying to do better and not being too hard at ourselves. Along with trying get everything done with the right priorities...with no one tellling you whether or not you're doing it right. 

Okay--so it's a tricky job sometimes. 

Which is why I'm thinking there's no harm in lowering my expectations a little more...or staying in bed to play on your ipad (obviously).

And by golly, if a movie is really, really good, tell me it was only mediocre!


  1. The Book Thief was meh.

    Great bedding and I mean it!

  2. Frozen was mediocre. I miss your smile.