Profile Silhouettes + Gold

So I'm totally diggin' gold lately. Deep down, I think I always have...

Now, where were we?

 I don't really remember whent the profile silhouette made a comeback in the interior design world, but it was one trend I was more than happy to copy. I think they are such a fun way to document a family in a home. Especially, when you have little ones who keep changing. I had first done these about 2 years ago when we first moved to New Jersey. However, there hasn't been an update since. I kept procrastinating because I knew I couldn't remember how to do them in Photohop so I'd have to go back to Youtube to sift through all the tutorials again to figure it out.

As it turns out, I was right. I had procrastinated for a really good reason. Not to mention doing Hazel's (from start to finish) was no picnic. Notice her mouth is open...because apparently it is ALWAYS open. Unless she's sucking on her pacifier...or doing her cute little kissy face, well then its in the shape of a kiss and I could totally deal with that....

(Let's vote. Who doesn't like my DVD's there?  Aye.)

Anyhow, where were we?

Oh yes, they were a little tricky to do for someone who is as inept as myself at Photoshop. Luckily, I didn't have to do Phil and I's. Until his hairline has receded enough to make a difference or until I've accumulated a significant amount of additional chins, we shall remain immortalized in our late-twenties. Or more importantly, me in my bangs. So that I may live vicariously through a hair-do that I have such a love/hate relationship with....

Now, where were we again?

Ah yes, but we got 'er done, printed them and popped them into their newly golden-plated (spray painted) frames and there we go. I kept going back and forth on the gold, but in the end I couldn't resist. And I'm happy I didn't. So there we have one more project crossed off the list and slowly with a few more wall arrangments and small changes, this room is almost where I want it.

Next on the list: My Living Room End Table Conundrum (that is, if I ever find a solution).


  1. So very cute! I'll have to come see them in person! Love your new blog design. So much fun. You have such a talent.

  2. I love your silhouette profiles!! You're so darn creative! Loved your Christmas card too.