Penny Rae's Preschool Graduation

This week has been filled with the end of the school year activities. Which pretty much means I've been pleased as punch watching my littles be cute and I get a peek into what they've been up to each time I drop them off to school.

Our first event: Penelope's preschool graduation. (Now keep in mind she still has one more year of preschool--but the more preschool graduations the merrier, I say). I apologize for the photo overload, but I decided it was my goal was to make you feel as though you were there in person. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if you scroll down fast enough it will almost be like your watching the whole thing on video.

First, she sat in her seat. And looked really excited and cute.

After spotting us, she waved. I just thought this was so adorbs I kept making Phil wave at her (provoking her to wave back) until I caught it on camera.

 Her speaking part in the program was introducing and leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The morning of her graduation Penny told me she was scared she was going to be shy and not sing loud enough. She wasn' all.

Watching her sing with her little actions was just...delightful.

"Look, those are my parents!"

"When! I! Grow! Up! I want! To be! An! Artist!"

And what's a commencement ceremony without socializing with your fellow graduates?

Ta da! There she is with her "diploma". 

 And of course, a photo with her favorite preschool friend, Isabelle! Or rather Izzy-belle (as Penny likes to call her). Don't make me explain the cuteness of these two.  

Oh my Penny Rae! You are a delight and we're so proud of you!

Stay tuned for Ryder's last week 'o fun at Kindergarten...


  1. These pictures are so cute and her polished nails are the perfect touch!

  2. Loved loved this!!! I did feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing Jasmine! Congratulations to Penny! I think I recognize that dress! Made me smile....really big. I love you guys! See you sooooon!