It's been an interesting few weeks. Right after I got over bronchitis, I came down with this weird bug with a sore throat and congestion for symptoms. I was so grateful not to be coughing every five seconds that I paid it no mind. But when a few days turned into a few weeks, I was getting very annoyed. It wasn't bad enough that I couldn't go about my usual routine, but irritating enough that I was left no energy for anything else--like blogging. That combined with getting engrossed into a couple of shows (Drop Dead Diva and The Blacklist) left me one unmotivated lady.

During this time I got to spend one day at BYU Women's Conference with my sister, which was super fun, but I got home and became rather frustrated because I had all these desires to improve, yet no motivation whatsoever. Which may sound like the same thing, but I assure you it's not. It was like wanting to run a race (which is rare) with cement shoes on.

I've been all better for a week or two now and have made some efforts to follow though on those previously mentioned desires. I couldn't help notice the continuing theme of, "Good, Better, Best" while we were at Women's Conference and knowing I had already been pondering the idea of priorities and what mine should be, I thought this idea would be the foundation for me to make some improvements. I don't want to bore you with the specifics, but just an overall trying to do better in general. And I have to tell you--I'm pooped out. Trying to be a really good mom is exhausting. I now totally understand what they're talking about when they say that motherhood is hard. I mean is it really THAT bad to just sit around and watch movies and snuggle all day?

There are worse things...

...but there is also better things.

And I think that can be applied in almost everything we do in life, but the point is that we keep trying.  I seriously think that is one of my favorite things about this life, is that we can always go to bed and try again tomorrow.

 Speaking of which...

Good night!  Zzzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. Laurie Shorten3:22 PM

    I like that part too -- Like Dory says: Just keep swimming swimming swimming...