Bloody Smile

Only a minute or two after sending him downstairs to put something away, I heard something between a gasp and a shriek. Sounds of this nature aren't unusual around here, so like a good mother, I paid it no mind. In the seconds following, I heard Ryder rush up the stairs and in an excited voice called, Mom! I looked at him and his mouth was gaping wide open.

--now had it not been for the happy tone in his voice, I would have started the 'ol inward debate between calling 911 or throwing him in the car myself to rush him to the ER.--

But alas, upon further examination through the blood streaming out of his mouth, I realize he's showing me he lost a tooth! Oh, so this is exciting--not scary!  (He's already lost his bottom front four, but for some reason, this one seemed like a big deal--plus, he's been working on it for awhile).

Stopping the bleeding

So then I do what any good mother would do. I sit him on the bathroom counter and tell him to wait while I go get my phone to take a picture (because I find the fact that he looks like an extra off of the Walking Dead somewhat entertaining). I mean, is it normal for teeth falling out to bleed that much?

Anyhow, after getting the bleeding under control we were left with, what I consider, one of the cutest Jack-o-latern grins I've ever seen.

Ta Da!

He's just getting so big. His legs are so long. The other day he injured himself while sitting down because his knee came up and hit him in the jaw. And in a little more than a month he'll turn 7! Thankfully--for the most part--he's growing in sweetness as well. So if that's the case, I guess I'll let him get older.

Speaking of sweet things--will someone please text me tonight to remind me that the Tooth Fairy is supposed to be making an appearance...

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  1. The tooth fairy is so forgetful at our house! Sometimes I guess she must be too busy or sleepy ...or wants to build the anticipation? I can't figure it out.