Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving this year was a quiet one. It turned out to be just our family with my parents. And I masterfully cornered them in to doing it at their new, beautiful home. It was our first time staying there and we gave the accomodations a five star-plus review. It's so fun seeing my parents enjoy this phase of  life--and we can't help but enjoy it as well!

My dad took the reigns on dinner this year (I did do the relish tray) and we took care of the pies. And by that I mean I purchased some lovely specimans from Kneaders and Phil baked his traditional apple.


Is there really anything better than hanging out on Thanksgiving morning as the house floods with the amazing smells of turkey and stuffing? I'm really not sure if there is...

We dined in the afternoon and then, headed over to see Big Hero 6 for our traditional Thanksgiving movie run. We may or may have had a Black Friday run-in with Wal-Mart on our way home, which I'm pretty sure we deemed "not worth it". 

 But other than that it was pretty perfect and delightful.

Ya know, I think the older I get the more Thanksgiving is making its way to the top of "My Favorite Holiday" list. (Not that it had much to climb in the first place). But I just love everything about it--and that all it's festivities are circled around gratitude--well, it's just a really good thing to celebrate.

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  1. They're so cute! I love Penny's face. Tell your mom I also love her house. :)