Penelope's Birthday!

Excuse me while I play catch up a little bit. In December, we celebrated this little bundle of joy turning five.  Oh, how we love our Penny Rae.

She LOVES her siblings. She is still trying to work out in her mind why she can't marry Ryder and is super patient with her little sister. She has a sensitivity streak a mile wide and gratitude comes natuarally to her. She also might be just a hair dramatic. That mixed with her sensitivity do make moments where we're quite certain the world is going to end, but most of the time she is a delight to be around. I adore her so very much. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

You may have noticed I have had a bit of a formula for my kids' birthdays for the past year. Pizza, a doughnut cake, invite my sister's family and my parents, throw in a few balloons and bam! A party that makes them pretty happy, from what I can tell.

One day... maybe one day. I'm may have to throw an actual party where we invite their friends...we'll see.

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  1. I like the party formula just how it is. This little girl brings us all so much joy. Thank you Jazzy for sharing your beautiful family with us.