Penny's (Final) Preschool Graduation

Oh my sweet Penelope is growing up. She finished her second and final year of preschool last week and she couldn't be more excited to start Kindergarten. We talk about it every day right before I remind her she still has about three months until it starts.

There isn't too much more different with this preschool graduation than there is from last year's. She has the same wonderful teacher, Mrs. Barb and many of her same great friends. However, I did manage to spice things up by putting her hair in a top knot. Unfortunately, this was not accounting for the traditional cap that is worn...but like most things, she worked it.

Penny Rae--we are so proud of you! You are so easy to love and being your parent is one of the funnest things your dad and I have ever done, and we adore you in every way possible! I have no doubt you're going to take Kindergarten by storm!

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