Hazel is 3!

(Written sometime in July:)

Our little Hazel Ane keeps growing and growing and we were so excited for her to turn three! This last year has been pretty monumental when it comes to positive lifestyle changes in the life a toddler. Within this last year, Hazel got potty trained (no more diapers), moved from her crib to a big girl bed (and after weeks and weeks, does a pretty good job staying in that bed after we tell her good night), finally, FINALLY learned to entertain herself and fall asleep in her carseat (this one makes me tear up with joy a little bit), figured out how to buckle the top buckle of her carseat (such a time saver!) and can speak three different languages! No, but she does know enough English to communicate her needs to us. (Again, such a time saver when it comes to diagnosing problems.)

Yuuuup, life is easy breezy, folks.

Now, for year number three, we just have to deal with that whole "testing boundaries" situation. And it may be a bit of a situation.

For her actual day, we celebrated with our typical pizza party, doughnut cake and fabulous family guests. And in the evening we went to see the Minion movie with cousins. A pretty fun day, if I do say so myself!

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