I love making lists. Lists about what I want to buy at the store, lists about my favorites and especially 'to do' lists (I'm really good at those...not so much doing things on the list, but writing up the list--I am the best). I even have a journal dedicated to lists. However, with my love for lists, I am a little surprised I have yet to compose a list of New Year's Resolutions. Well...I guess I've made a little one, but it doesn't count because it wasn't dubbed "My New Year's Resolutions", it just happened to be written down around New Year's. But don't judge. This doesn't mean I am a stagnating human being lacking any sense of goals or direction. I have resolutions and self-improvments rolling around in my head all the time. In fact, I've even started to act on some of them. Not all of them, but some. Like writing in my journal for example. Not my creative journal, a real journal. I have done awesome. So I'm thinking if I write it down and make it an official resolution...will I jinx it? Which brings me to my new New Year's Resolution theory. I'm not going to write them down. I am just going to do it! Be active! And if for some reason I don't follow thru or never start it in the first place...there is no record of it :D

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  1. I to have stopped writing down goals. I sometimes write them down but only if I am already trying to do them and need a little extra push.