Toe Cramp

I have a toe cramp. Not just any toe cramp, but a going on my third-day long toe cramp. I've had these toe cramps before, but they only lasted a minute or two, not three days! It is shared between my birdie and ring-finger toes of my right foot. I only feel this cramp while I'm walking, so now I'm left to limping, which really adds to the gracefullness of my already pregnant self. But here's the thing about toe cramps...although they hurt like the dickens, they merit no sympathy whatsoever. Why you ask? Great question. I suppose it is mostly to do with 1) It's an owie that can't be seen (that knocks sympathy points right off the bat) and 2) Because the pain resides in an important but all to oftenly forgotten, small appendage that doesn't get a lot of attention in the first place. I mean who ever says wow, I need to work out more, my toes are getting really fat, or I think I'm going to buy some awesome makeup to accentuate my toe shape. They are simply that needed appendage at the end and bottom of the anatomy. My mom says that since I've had such an easy pregnancy, my body had to come up with something that would give my pregnancy its own personal flare. But I tell ya, if this thing isn't gone by my next doctor's appointment, it is definitely on the list of questions. DISCLAIMER: Please remember that this blog isn't related to the toe "nail" and that it is regarding the toe "trunk" in itself. The nail can be seen and obviously, everyone knows the importance of painting ones toes and therefore gives the "nail" portion of the toe, plenty of attention. DISCLAIMER II: I was going to enhance my blog by posting a toe/foot image with it. Never, I repeat never google "toes." There are some nasty looking toes/feet in this world. I'm sorry, but you'll have to do without the image.

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  1. You have my sympthy. TOE CRAMPS HURT!!

    PS - thank you for sparing me the picture of a toe (gag)