Home Sweet Home

So the last two weeks I've been in Utah visiting family and friends. It was so much fun. It was so great to see everyone, especially my parents after this whole cancer business (my mom is doing great, bytheway. Thanks for asking.) and my sister's brand-new baby boy. Besides having so much fun there was a specific reason why I was not really enthused about coming back yet. However, I have to say after getting back to my little home, it felt sooo good. I wasn't anticipating that. But it was a pleasant surprise, indeed. Needless to say, I completely enjoyed myself as I put Ryder to bed in his crib, drove my car, took a hot bath in my tiny, but very loved, bathtub and then sat on my couch with my cozy throw, some popcorn and dark chocolate m&m's to catch up on some missed shows.

With that said, I'm back to blogging. I don't blog much or at all while I'm visiting family because that time is very precious to me. But here are some highlights of our trip: (I foolishly forgot my camera, so until those photos from the "will you email me one of those" cameras come in, you'll have to settle for the two photos of the Ryder-man we took while messing with my dad's new i-phone.)

Phil had to leave for a training on Sunday the 16th so Ryder and I took off ourselves to Utah on St. Patty's day. Terrified he was going to get pinched on his first St. Patrick's day, Ryder strongly requested I put him in his most green outfit. We arrived in Utah late that evening.

A little nervous about that whole pinching business:
(we love doing Ryder's do in a mohawk, but as you can see it has taken its toll after a long day)

During our first few days, my sister came down with Gracie and Jared and let me tell you, we played like crazy! There was sidewalk chalk writing with a picnic, multiple games or horsey, cook, camp and car. Whew, if you feel a little envious of our fun...it's probably with good reason. I have to hand it to my mom. Even while in the recovery stages of cancer, she has got to be one of the most fun Nanas I have ever seen. She put both Autumn and I to shame in the creative department. But lets give credit where credit is due. I did come up with 'camp'...well, actually, I guess Gracie gave me the idea when we were walking up the stairs to change Ryder's diaper and she informed me we were 'hiking a mountain'.

On Saturday, Phil flew in from Utah from his trainings and joined us just in time for some Easter festivities. These included a delicious dinner, an Easter egg hunt all topped off with some strawberry shortcake. Phil, Ryder and I just chilled with my parents the rest of the week while visiting, eating delicious food and at one point introducing my parents to our Wii that Phil brought along where I do recall my mom beating me in tennis. I think both my parents did, actually. Hmm. One day my mom and I got to have, what I think is becoming our annual date, where Phil watched Ryder and my mom and I went to Logan for some lunch and browsing shops. My mom showed me the coolest toy store ever. (More on this informative tidbit for parents everywhere, later.)

Ryder Ridin'

Phil and I spent our last couple of days with his grandparents in Ogden where we continued to have more great visiting, chilling, eating and Wii playing. I must give a special thanks to my college roommates and bestest friends for going out of their way to visit me while we were there. You three are some of my most favorite people and only wish we could have hung out a little longer.

Thanks again for everyone who was a part of making this trip so wonderful. We love you and can't wait to see you again!


  1. Glad you guys had a great Easter! Have you discovered the joy of Guitar Hero yet? All other Wii games have just gathered dust since we got it...we're addicted! To answer your question, Dave starts work Oct. 6th, so we'll probably move out there the end of September.

    As always, Ryder is absolutely adorable!

  2. Jazzy,
    I sure wish we could arrange going home on the same weeks!! Then, I could meet that cute Ryder!! I get to go to Utah next week am so excited!!! Maybe one day we will be there the same time!!

  3. I'm so glad you are back and doing well. I wondered what in the world happened to you! ;)
    'Home sweet home' really is the best feeling huh?