So I've been out for awhile, as you can see and although I am still currently detained, I just have to write a quicky because I miss blogging so much. Plus, while I've been away, I've had so many post ideas, but know the second I get back into the routine of things, will forget every idea I had, so for more personal knowledge than anything, here is a list of things I hope to be blogging about in the near future. 1. Flying (on an airplane) mind is a whirling dervish every time I go to the airport in wonderment at our worlds' flight system. Perhaps boring to you, rather interesting to me. 2. Date with mom and coolest toy store ever 3. Brief roomate reunion 4. BB&B 5. Blogging, in itself 6. I'm already forgetting my ideas...ahh! 7. Weird dream 8. General Conference 9. nuts, I'm brain is empty, empty as can be W/B/S ("Will blog soon". Not to be confused with the common elementry acronym of "Write Back Soon". No you do not need to write me back soon.)


  1. Finally! I have been anxiously awaiting news about your trip! You missed snow here - how crazy is that? You could have blogged about the dead frog that will be waiting for you when you get home because you know he's still there waiting for you! lol

  2. i am glad you finally posted i was worried