A Little Selfish Perhaps...

So I go out to run errands for about an hour. As I pull into our parking lot I notice a rather large and red fire truck sitting in front of my building accompanied with a police car. A sight NO one likes to come home to. Panic strikes. I immediately began thinking of a flat iron I possibly could have left on or a candle I forgot to blow out. I couldn't seem to park my car for the life of me and consequently almost hit the fire truck. I get out, grab Ryder, leaving my groceries in the car and quickly walk over to one of the firemen:

Me: May I ask what's wrong?
Fireman: Oh, someone's not feeling well over in that building (not my building)
Me: Oh good, so nothing is wrong with that building (my building)?
Fireman: Nope [smile]
Me: Thanks, this isn't really the type of thing one likes to come home to. [I walk away]

It's about when I get to my front door that I realize what I complete jerk I was. Well, good, as long as nothing was wrong with me. If I were that fireman, I'd have a really low opinion of me. This goes to show that I have absolutely NO relationship with my neighbors. I need to work on that and well, a charitable attitude in general.

I need to go. My groceries are still in my car.


  1. Normal.
    and speaking from the person who has had the truck infront of the house for me, Sometimes it's ok that the neighbors don't come over and see what an idiot I've been.

  2. It's scary, though. I'm sure your response has more to do with fear and adrenaline ... and the fireman sounds like he was rather blase about the whole matter. I mean, I'm sure you would have had a different response if he said, "yeah, some poor guy just had a major stroke!" I'm pretty much awful at getting to know my neighbors. My family lived in the same house for 20 years and I barely knew our neighbors' names. Hm, I'm bad at a lot of things.

  3. Totally normal! And I keep forgetting to tell you I see Phil at the bus stop frequently on my way to work but I never want to honk or be obnoxious. Tell him he needs to watch for my car! :)

  4. jazzy do you have a little sister.