(I left my sunglasses on this ride :( )
Like I mentioned earlier, we took a little family vacation with Phil's parents and his sister and brother-in-law. Things got off to a stressful start when the day before we left I was busy running last-minute errands when I noticed Ryder wasn't his usual lively self. He seemed a little warm, but brushing it aside thinking I was being paranoid and the fact that nothing else seemed wrong, continued on with our to-do list. It wasn't until a couple hours later that I whipped out the thermometer. 102 stinkin' degrees!!! I felt so bad for dragging him around from place to place earlier that day. Phil and I had no idea what to do. We immediately put him to bed with a dose of Tylenol and I called the nurse, who gave me lots of good advice. But with that advice said if he got worse we shouldn't take him on the plane. The awful part was that we had to leave to the airport the next morning (if you can even call it that) at 4:30. He woke up with 103 temperature. Flumixed was I. We gave him a blessing and some more Tylenol and thought we'd see how he did at the airport. Like I said, nothing else seemed wrong, he had a great appetite and when it came time to board his temperature was back to 98-99 degrees. We landed in LA where Carli picked us up and took us to the beach. Ryder seemed to hang in there with a normal temperature as long as he had Tylenol every four hours. I'm pretty sure Phil's family thought I was a little overkill with the thermomter strapped to my belt like I was in the Wild West, but I was so scared that Ryder, who already has an abnormally large pain threshold, was just being brave and felt a lot worse than he let on. ~Sigh~ Amid the stress, we still have a fabulous time at the beach. After a nice nap (for everyone) we went to look and Carly and Jordan's new house, which was very fun, and then stopped at In and Out for dinner. Which is good as everyone says it is. In an effort to avoid traffic we drove that night to our hotel in Anaheim. The next morning (Disneyland Day), Ryder woke up with a 100 degree temperature, which was encouraging because his temperature always seemed the worst in the morning. Plus, he was as excited and lively as ever. But of course, fell asleep two minutes after entering the amusement park. I gave him his last dose of Tylenol around noon and he was pretty much good to go after that. I'll never know what went wrong, but it was pretty miraculous that he healed so fast and was able to enjoy the whole vacation. We were very blessed. We had a great time in Disneyland. Ryder always looked rather nervous while on the rides but would get done and smile and yell "Yay!" and clap his hands. We think he had a pretty good time. Every time he went on a ride with just Phil, I would acted like an idiot and made a spectacle of myself trying to wave at him all the while getting a little teary eyed that A) my baby was old enough to ride rides and B) that he might fall off of one of them. I didn't need to ride rides with the emotional roller coaster I was on. Hehe. We drove to Indio that night and stayed the rest of our vacation in the hot, hot sun at a very nice resort lounging about, getting tan, eating, and watching movies. A vacation, indeed.


  1. Wow! what an adventure?! So glad you went and got through the fever stress. I loved picturing the thermometer on your waist. You are such a cute mommy! when you moving out to Utah girly?

  2. I am jealous. It sounds like lots of fun! Wish I could've been there!! I have the same question as Jaci...when are you moving to Utah? When you finally do I will have to make a trip in to see you!! It has been a long time!

  3. Looks like tons of fun! I hate it when my girls have high temperatures!