Oh hey there. You thought I was gone, didn't you? Nope, just in a bit of a funk. But I hate being in a funk because it (or me) causes me to forgo things I love, such as blogging. And that is just unacceptable. Besides, even though some aspects of my life are a little tricky and a little stressful, I have to think the majority of it is pretty charmed. So goodbye funk. Well, now that is left to do is update you on what I've been up to during my elusive absence (just kidding, it's not that elusive).
  • We had Easter at one point (IOU photos)
  • We had some nibbles--mind you, just nibbles--for renting out our condo
  • None of the nibbles went though. Hence the term "nibble"
  • I discover there are a lot of interesting people out there in the renting pool
  • Had a couple gigs with the band (happy to report no photos of this, whew)
  • There was mother's day. Yummy breakfast in bed, cute company and a family dinner
  • Drought of any bites or nibbles or even sniffs for the rental
  • Attempt to complete any school "to-do's" we have left for this fall
  • We take a vacation to California & Disneyland, woot, woot! This deserves it's own post and photos to come later.
  • We start seeing our own stress reflected back at us when friends and family ask us if we've rented our place out and we tell them 'no'
  • We get a couple of "bites" (def. where they actually come look at the place). Nothing has yet followed through, but hope and optimism is the name of our game, so no worries. When we do actually rent out our place, I shall call it a "feast".
  • I experiment with my new third column in my blog layout. After all the work I did to figure out how to make a third column, I found that the third column looked way to crowded along with not being an exciting enough person to have all that much information to put in a third column. Took it out and decided simple and clean is more my style.
  • Oh, in my attempt to get out of my funk, I got whopping sick. Not so much severe as never ending. I've been living like an invalid this weekend trying to kick it. I refuse, absolutely refuse to be sick tomorrow.
  • And that's that. Later Skater.


  1. Gosh I miss you. And I love the way your blog looks. I wish I knew how to make mine cute. Mine is just boring. Hope you are cured of all illness tomorrow.

  2. Can't wait for Disneyland photos! I'm pretty sure that's one of my favorite places on the planet, I'm jealous you just went!

  3. Yay, you're back ;) Sounds like things have been going well! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. I miss you! I am glad your back!

  5. Hi! Love the picture of you and the Mr. at the top. Very cute. Your hair looks great!