My goodness, it's like the more I try to blog, the less I actually do it! This gets on my nerves because I really like to blog. I find it rather therapeutic. But the second I tell myself I'm going to try and blog every other day or so, two weeks manage to fly by at the speed of lightening and I haven't blogged once. I know this probably doesn't matter to any of you, but alas, there it is. So I'm going to attempt to take a page out of any goal making 101 book and "make my goal realistic". Whatever. I've decided that my new realistic blogging goal is going to be once a week. Obviously, if I can allow myself to blog more than that, I will. (I am my own master). But I feel with the holiday season upon us and a brand-new baby after that, limiting myself to once a week is pretty Or not? I guess we'll shall see.

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  1. Good luck! I am happy to read you anytime.