I'm feeling so much holiday cozy goodness that I'm having a hard time channeling it. So far it's amounted to listening to Christmas music* in October and sniffing my pumpkin spice candle like it were cocaine. Anyhow, there has got to be a better way... I think one of the reasons I love this time of year so much is that it gives you a reason to decorate you house...every month...for the next three months, if you so choose. My holiday decor has definitely room to grow I'd say, but I that's okay because that means I have room to build on it every year, right? Anyhow, the thing about the fall is that you have your Autumn/harvest decorations and that go with the entire Autumn season. Then, you mix in you Halloween-specific items for October and Thanksgiving-specific items for November. Christmas is its own event. Unfortunately, I take out my Halloween-specific items and I've got nothing to replace it with. Where did I go wrong? I do think finding cool Thanksgiving decorations is a bit more difficult than finding Halloween decorations though. But I'm up for the challenge so come along on my pretend shopping spree for such items:) First off, at Target I found this really cool Thanksgiving plate collection. I'd buy that in a heart beat. Simple, yet very festive. I found these glass jars at Pottery Barn. I love that they put wheat stalks in there, PLUS you can switch them up for other holidays. Instead of a cornucopia with plastic fruit, there is this really cool pumpkin and gourd collection (also at PB). I still feel like I haven't found many "Thanksgiving-specific" items...however, if Phil and I were donning the below hostess set, no one would ever doubt our Thanksgiving spirit. Why doesn't anyone make fun Halloween and Thanksgiving music?

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  1. I hear you about the Halloween and Thanksgiving music. I really do. I keep singing "I'm an old witch with my hat" song. I guess I also know the "have you seen the ghost of John...long white bones and the rest all gone...wahooo, wahooo, woo...wooo..." Those are all I know. Apparently I know them very well.

    You can always download a Harry Potter soundtrack...I have a couple of really fall songs as well. They mention apples and leaves.