Our time here in the city is coming to an end. I have a lot of thoughts and memories to take with me from our summer spent in NYC. Some good--some not so good. Although, a large part of me wants to humorously document all of those not-so-good experiences, it's always better to end on a positive note. So here is to the good times and all of the things I will miss about this city and our experience here...

Friends: I'm so grateful for good friends! Had it not been for many other amazing mothers and their kind attitudes, funny senses of humor, great planning skills and adventuresome spirits, there is a good possibility the three of us may have stayed holed up in are teensy apartment everyday. The many park days, outings downtown, babysitting swaps not only made living in NYC with small children doable, but fun. There is something about getting caught in a downpour with your children, with 10 blocks to go, getting hit with a wall of water on a curb (ya know-like on the movies, when a car drives through a big puddle), and getting trapped in an elevator, OK because your with a great group of women who are all in the same boat, that you can laugh it off with. And yes, this all happened in the same half-hour. So grateful for them and they're cute kids who provide, oh yes, countless hours of entertainment and fun for Ryder and Penny.
 Amber, AKA HeWoman. This must be noted. since I was carrying Penny, Amber volunteered to go get our strollers in the most precarious situation imaginable (tangled amongst other strollers in a huge crowd of people) while I kept an eye on the boys. The next time I see her she is walking out of the Shake Shack carrying not one, but TWO strollers, one of which was a double. HELLO! Amazing? I think so. Thank you Amber for posing for this shot at my request, when I can imagine the only thing you really wanted me to do was to take my own stroller :)

Parks: In an effort to make NYC kid-friendly, they do have A LOT of amazing parks. from a one with a 20-ft granite slide to one on top of the Museum of Natural History, we were always going to a new, cool park and there were still a lot we didn't get to. However, I have no idea what you would do with your kids here in the winter:)
 not bruised--just really, really dirty

 Penny eating sand...
 ...and more sand
 ...and a little more sand.

Shake Shack: Dear Shake Shack, thank you for your deliciously greasy shack burger on your soft buns and root beer on tap. Tasty indeed. Check out the new poster boys for the new Shake Shack ads. Weren't they so cooperative with me to all be drinking their shakes at the same time :)

NYC Iconic Locations: When I first got here, I couldn't quit thinking of how many of these places I'd seen in one movie or another. So it's really fun to always be walking by things, even if by chance or accident and seeing things that are constantly being referenced. For example, yesterday, I got a little lost and ended up in Bryant Park, and for the millionth time thought, "Oh so that's where this is." We also live about two blocks ways from this restaurant below. Look familiar? We see people taking pictures in front of it all the time and finally got one of our own last weekend.

Walking: There is something about being able to walk everywhere to run your errands that makes you feel cool. "Honey, I'm just going to run out and get us a freshly tossed salad at our European-styled-market, with two isles devoted solely to cheese. See you in a minute!"

NYC Styled Pizza: Yummy. I didn't really find one pizza place better than the next, but you can probably guess what I liked about this one! Now that's my kind of serving!

My Babes: My biggest beef with NYC is that it's not more kid friendly (I'm mean seriously, did children not exist when they built the subways?) But I can't imagine having this experience without these two cute babies. They make make me excited to get up in the morning and have been such troopers adjusting to this new environment.

Phil: The reason we're here! And the most important thing! I couldn't be more grateful for this man and the time he's put into his internship here and the experience he's had with such a great company. I'm so proud of him and the opportunity this has been for him and us.

And so I say, NY, farewell, adieu to you, and you and youa.

I'll be spending the next couple of days strategically packing our luggage to accomodate our newly acquired stuff and then it's off to Seattle to welcome home Phil's little sister from her mission (yay!) and then back to Happy Valley for one more year of school.

Until then~


  1. What a happy/sad time! You survived and created some awesome memories!

  2. We're moving to either New York or New Jersey for Blair's next two years of medical school and this post made me so excited! Thanks for sharing the positive things. haha. The rest probably would've scared the crap out of me.

  3. What a fun adventure you guys had! I have a feeling that Nate and I may end up there at some point for his work, and that scares me a little, since I've been there and have a taste of the mayhem that is NYC. I am sure Utah will be a welcome sight!

  4. jazz! So great to see you this weekend. Loved your NYC posts. Can't imagine how crazy and fun that must have been!

  5. What an awesome experience! Maybe we'll see you back in Happy Town. :) I'm taking the girls down next week and will be there until the 30th..then back again for Parents Weekend. You guys look and sound great!